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Exactly eight years ago today, I wrote a post talking about the presidency of George W. Bush. He has just taken office two months before I started this journal in 2001. None of us could have predicted what would happen back in January of that year, through the tumultuous eight years that followed.

And now, it's time to do it again: time to look back on the job the White House resident did over the past eight.

President Obama didn't have a strong economy, like his predecessor had, entering the Oval Office. In fact, we were on the brink of both a nationwide and possibly a global depression when he took the oath of office.

So, he didn't get to just kick back and enjoy the first few months of his "honeymoon;" he had some serious business to attend to - and he did. Bailing out Wall Street, rescuing the Auto Industry and stabilizing our economy so that we would avoid a financial abyss. Certainly Republicans don't give proper credit for the decisive action President Obama took to get our situation stabilized in those early days, that set the tone for the rest of his term.

Osama bin Laden. The scourge of the west that never could be captured or killed, finally met his fate under the Obama Administration.

But there were many issues that still remain unresolved. Racism is still a very big issue in our country. Classism likewise has yet to be addressed. And, at least when it comes to our election, sexism was the story.

It's interesting to me how everyone is side-stepping what seems, at least to me, the most obvious and most likely reason Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. She is a woman and we still have an issue with women being in charge of many things in this land including our government.

Knowing all of the provable facts about The Donald vs. all of the accusations against Hillary, you have to wonder how anyone would feel comfortable voting for a guy with that kind of record. But, if you believe that a woman shouldn't be Commander in Chief, you would vote for a man with twice the flaws.

And that's just the problem... he may actually have twice the flaws. We simply don't know yet because there's so much that he is keeping hidden.

Even as President Obama made his final press conference, a very different experience from Donald Trump's attempt to have a press conference, he tried to keep everyone calm, to reassure us that we are still here, that things aren't the end of the world until they are.

But that echoes the element I suggested that a President does best. Even in my summation of George W. Bush's tenure in Washington DC, I noted his greatest moment was an inspirational action - a perfect pitch from the mound of Yankee Stadium right after the 2001 attacks.

That was the kind of moment that makes you feel pride, it makes you feel connected, it gives you a sense of strength and that maybe we're going to be okay, despite how everything looks. That is where a president can shine the brightest and encourage citizens to take charge of their lives, to get up and do something similar!

And President Obama had many times where he needed to present such moments, usually after some mass shooting in some part of the country for a varying host of reasons. He was the Scoutmaster: helping us along but reminding us that WE, as citizens, needed to actually do the work to make it work, but that we could make it through.

What sort of message will our new leader send?

This is the last and final time I get to use this icon attached to this post. I made this icon specifically because as the President himself had said: I'm everybody's president. He truly thought about all Americans and their situations and circumstances and how to make improvements for people who needed help. He may not have gotten everything he had hoped to accomplish done, but he gave it his best efforts.

But before we conclude, I welcome and invite you to say what you think of President Obama here... good or bad. Talk about his policies, his efforts, his style, his singing voice, whatever!

Please leave a thought about him as we say goodbye, and thanks for doing so!
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The thing about being stupid is that stupid people have no idea that they're stupid. Their opinions to them are all actual and factual and make perfect sense. And if you disagree with them, YOU are the one who is stupid. And then, if you confront them with facts, well, you get what we've got now.

It seems a lot of the people in the Red State areas are now going to "hunker down." They're going to stop talking politics. They are going to pretend the election didn't happen and just try to live their lives never thinking about the White House or who will be living there for the next 4 years, 1 month and 3 weeks.

I say okay! If that's gonna get you through your life, nobody's going to stop you. But it might benefit you to maybe unclench that jaw (or maybe clench it, if you've been uttering pejoratives and spewing filth that might get you fired or get you a visit from the Secret Service), unclench that fist and the mind it's attached to, and look at what's really happening.

There aren't many people here, on my friendslist, that were Romney supporters, and those that are will likely breeze past this entry in that "pretend it's not there" style I'm talking about, as they have done for the duration of the campaign. And I'm not saying everyone who supported Romney was stupid. Or that everyone who supported Romney was racist. But let's be honest. Many people who did (who were not in the 1%) were either one, the other or both. And we do get glimpses courtesy of the media and most especially the internet.

This is a huge issue.

We are one country. And the citizens of this country are all collectively together here. And we all have to rely on each other, at least a little, to care about each other. People are not going to be "sent back to where they belong." And people saying that, well, see the title of this post.

Mitt Romney accepted an invitation to visit President Obama at The White House. They're going to have lunch, talk about things, maybe have a few laughs about those debates, and maybe share some ideas about where the country needs to go from here. It's a good step, because the point is, President Obama is working diligently and tirelessly to help get the economy that was in shambles when he started, working, to handle a foreign policy that was in complete disarray when he arrived, to deal with the politics of DC and try to get some progress where we need it.

I already have stated I felt President Obama was naive when he began the process of helping the country out of the biggest financial mess since The Great Depression of the 1930s. But naivety is not the same thing as stupidity. It was the Republicans who have been trying their hardest to do things to make the President look bad, or ineffective, at the cost of harming the country's recovery. Who do these people think they are?

But this is what I mean. We can't "ignore" what's going on here. We are reliant on each other. It's time to do what's right for the nation, and hopefully, the world. That means making the decisions that are going to help the citizens, not going to push one's personal agendas. And that requires people to pay attention, to know the issues, to be alert and to understand what the people who are representing them are doing in their towns, cities, in their state houses and all the way up to the Federal Government.

If Mitt Romney can sit down with Barack Obama, I think everyone should be at that table.


Nov. 7th, 2012 11:36 am
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The first thing I thought when Romney finally gave his concession speech last night (or really, early this morning) is one thing:

This is a guy who is as relieved as I was that he didn't win.

Seriously! He was as loose, relaxed and as comfortable as we had ever seen him all the way back to those early primaries and series of Republican debates! My sense is he didn't have the first clue about what he was going to do with the job. But then again, he never gave anyone any hint of what that would be, throughout the entire process.

In a way, it reminded me of the look on GWB's face when they appointed him President. Back in 2000, Dubya stared blankly out at the banks of cameras and made that "Church Lady" face and you got this eerie feeling that this was a person not prepared in any way to lead the country. The next eight years proved exactly that.

President Obama's speech showed a lot. He is inclusive. He does love this country. He works hard for us. He cares about women, and the disenfranchised and the working classes. He didn't thank the people who voted for him, he thanked the people who VOTED.

Romney said that his wife Ann was the best choice he ever made.
Obama said that Michelle was the woman who agreed to marry him.

What a difference.


But the other Elephant in the room (that's a GOP zinger) is that the popular vote was very close.

Just from a logic standpoint, how could so many vote for a person who had proven, with his own words, that he not only doesn't care about those voter's interests and the things they needed in their lives like health care and finances and basics like that? It really made no sense.

There are people that still believe President Obama is an Atheist Muslim who is out to destroy the United States. We know this because we heard a lady say basically that in the Video Clip I Posted the day before the election. That lady could have been a great Kristen Wiig character... in fact, she sounded an awful lot like Wiig's "Target Cashier" which made her seem a little less frightening than she actually was. And, of course, Ohio went blue in the end, so there's that.

But the point is, as I said during the fundraising I did throughout my time with the Democratic campaign, the most educated people were throwing a whole lot of money towards the Obama team. I spoke with so many lawyers, I could have passed the bar by now! There were so many college professors, both retired and active, we could have had a teachable moment for everyone in the country! There were so many medical professionals, Obamacare would have been covered by THEM!

I promise you, I'm not making this up. I spoke with people in all 50 states and most of the US territories like the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. I heard their voices. I saw their addresses. And I helped drain their bank accounts. The smart money was with Obama. And people from every state supported him, from Harvard to Stanford.

But the issue remains. For some unknown reason, people seem to dislike President Obama in particular parts of the country. This, though he is fighting his hardest to help the people in those regions through this economic crisis and get this country back on track.

The people in Detroit got the message. Thanks to Obama's bold Auto Bailout, that region saved tons of jobs and got back working again.

And just looking at the facts, the REAL facts, not the spun facts, one thing is clear: we are improving from this moment, 4 years ago. We ARE better off now, collectively, than we were in 2008. No, it's not perfect. And yes some people have had to deal with hardships and problems, most recently Hurricane Sandy, that some would say had a direct influence on the end of the campaigns for the two candidates.

But overall, we are climbing out the abyss we've been in since George W. Bush. We are more safe now since Osama bin Laden went to his well-deserved end. And we have a leader that truly wants us, as a nation, to succeed... and he's got a plan to help us do it.

I have to presume that those Red State votes were really more "against Obama" rather than "for Romney." That's because nobody knew what they were voting "for Romney" for! I'm sure there must be a reason, one clear and particular reason why so many people voted against President Obama in the particular states where they voted... I just don't know what it could be...


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