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So, if you watched any of that show, you'll know that I never made it on TV and in fact, never got back to play the game again.

What was going on, I discovered, was the casting department of the game really wanted someone in their 20s to be on the televised portion, which is why the people in Winners' Row were firm. Though I could have made a run if I had a fair chance (and I really did make a run, but only halfway to the totals I needed to qualify), they made sure I didn't have a fair chance... and I know they were purposely not letting me get a second attempt because contestants compared answers in the room after we took the quiz and I certainly could have been put through if they wanted to select me.

That's when I gave up and didn't go back, even though they did invite me to return. I mean, yeah, I could have taken another day off work, gone back to eat more Twinkies and Subway sandwiches (if I never eat another one of either of those, I'm good with that). And hoped they would let me have another go, I figured they would have put me through that second time. I mean, Rishi, the guy I beat, came back, they put HIM through, and he got to be in the chair again! Of course, he lost rather quickly that time, and didn't get back on the prime time telecast, but at least he got the second chance.

Though I might have gotten to play on the televised part of the game had I either played against people who were also there for 24 hours, or if I had at least gotten a power nap, I obviously wasn't going to beat the two top players for the big prize. Both Andrew and Brandon are Trivia Savants, and even when they don't know the answer, manage to guess fairly accurately. Their abilities are truly staggering and awe-inspiring.

It was fun to play and compete, though and I got some real insights about what goes on behind the scenes at a big money prime time game show. That info is probably more useful to me than the cash they might have paid.
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I'm back in the contestant waiting room, so if you want to look in on me (occasionally, since they split the feeds up) go to:

and you might see me. I'm in a red shirt.
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What I didn't know at the time was that even though we were playing in this non-descript set up area, I was actually playing the game! I was in the money chair, only without all the lights and the halo that flashes your total continuously. I had beaten a member of Winner's Row... Rishi. Although had I beaten him during the "Winner's Defense" segment of the game, I would have inherited all of his money.

Here, I just got to take his seat and start earning 10 dollars a second, beginning at 0.

My Butt Never Made So Much! )
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So, after I was selected to move on in the competition, my little group of fellow qualifiers were escorted to the Area 8. We went outside and down the block to a parking lot with a couple of tents and lots of couches and blankets.

Before we could sit down and fall asleep, there were more forms to fill out, including psychiatric info... Yes, there are doctors on duty and they made it clear that we could utilize their help and that they would be there for us if we needed some mental moments, but it also meant that we would likely not continue in the game.

Still hadn't had any sleep and every time I was on the verge of dozing, there was some other thing to do... sign this here, meet this doctor who will take your temperature and blood pressure, get photographed again. Get interviewed, again.

These aren't complaints! )
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When we got into the building, which they refer to as the "MSQ Campus," it was like getting on an airline... metal detectors, security patdowns and inspections. When it was clear we had no Weapons of Mass Destruction, and our documents were all verified, we got to go to a little holding pen, where we waited for our turn to play to the cameras and explain a bit about ourselves. But you have to keep in mind, the game was actually already underway, with the contestants sequestered (oh that word) in their area, the top winners safely hidden in another area and the massive "hourglass" set on the rooftop of the building.

MSQ - Means Seldom Quick. )
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Those people who have been following this journal for the long haul, and I know there are a few people that are still here now that were then, know that exactly ten years ago this month, I appeared on a game show, called "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." It was a fun experience and the profit I made from it helped me get acquainted with some more El Jay people along the way. If you want to have a look at those moments, you'll find them listed under "wwtbam" on my tags.

And here we are, September 2013 and here I am, trying to play another trivia (that's three roads in Italian) game!

It's called "The Million Second Quiz," hosted by Television's omnipresent Ryan Seacrest.

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